About the Messy Growth Show

Messy growth show podcast

The podcast that untangles growth.

We are Christian and Soren, hosts of The Messy Growth Show, where we discuss the key elements of achieving growth, debunking myths about what works and doesn’t.

Topics we discuss

We love the B2B space, and everything related to it. Our episodes will touch on:

B2B Marketing, Sales, Support, Product & Leadership

Growth Hacking & Growth Failures

Personal Growth related to your business, like habits, mindset, etc

Goals of Our Podcast

We want to show that growth is rarely a linear process upwards. That even the ones you thought were super cool, and just “nailed it” had their crazy battles. We also want to show you how they dealt with the ups and downs. And finally, let’s get some data on the table so we can compare it with our own businesses.

MEet the hosts

Søren Skovdahl Hansen

Søren is the founder of Leadpillar, helping manufacturers and professional services in Scandinavia and the United States get more customers.

Søren also runs Tesla-Klubben.dk, a site for future and current Tesla owners to get clarity on the better choices for everything around owning a Tesla.

Product owner and head of SEO at Trendsales.dk, building the mobile platform and driving organic traffic to Trendsales.

Random facts about Søren

Management consultant gone digital marketing

Dad first and everything else second

Living in Athens Greece since 2012

Knows more about woman’s handbags, shoes, and welding than he ever dreamed of.

Big 964 enthusiast … hint, it’s a car.

Christian Godoy Jørgensen

Christian is the founder of Digital Wasabi, helping B2B SaaS companies achieve predictable and repeatable growth through Inbound Marketing.

Christian was the Head of Marketing at Planday and built inbound marketing from scratch. A channel that later drove the majority of revenue for the company. Xero recently acquired Planday for 1.5 Billion DKK.

Random facts about Christian

Worked with SEO before it was even called.. SEO

Sold his first business when he was 14 years old

Happy dad & husband

Living in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark

Massive Foodie experimenting with fermentation and other random things

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